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Andrew H. Messiha, MD

Meet Dr. Messiha

Dr. Messiha is double board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine. He has an interest and background in multimodal pain management, utilizing interventional, medical, physical, and psychological therapies to treat the person as a whole.

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Are You Experiencing

Pain can restrict your activities and impact your mood. It may be classified as acute pain which is severe and may be an indication that some part of your body is injured. Chronic pain may be caused due to a disease process.

  • Knee Pain

    Knee pain is a common condition affecting individuals of various age groups.

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  • Hip Pain

    Hip pain, one of the common complaints, may not always be felt precisely over the hip joint rather in and around the hip joint.

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  • Back Pain

    Back pain or backache is the pain felt in the back that may originate from damage to the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine.

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  • Shoulder

    Pain in the shoulder may suggest an injury, which is more common in athletes participating in sports such as swimming, tennis, pitching, and weightlifting.

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  • Elbow

    Damage to any of the structures that make up the elbow joint can cause elbow pain.

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  • Wrist Pain

    Injury or inflammation of any of these structures, due to a disorder or disease condition, may produce hand pain.

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  • Ankle Pain

    The foot is composed of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

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Understanding Pain Management

It is a method of pain control involving the use of specialized pain blocking techniques to enable you to perform your routine activities of daily living and maintain quality of life.

  • What is it?
  • Types of Pain
  • Causes of Pain
  • Impact of Pain
  • Effective
    Pain Management

Patient Testimonials

  • Being a doctor with chronic pain (due to spinal stenosis and nerve impingement), I have been through the ringer for the past 20 years. Numerous pain clinics and anesthesiologists have provided nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, opiate and non-opiate pain medication. Retiring as a result of m...
  • Dr. Messiha has helped out 3 members of my family who have had chronic pain. They’ve tried chiropractors, massages, physical therapy, but nothing helped. After going to Dr. Messiha, he injected their problem areas and they’ve significantly gotten better. He didn’t prescribe them pain medicatio...
    Verified Patient
  • I went in to see Dr. Messiha after living with back pain the majority of my life. He was so kind, answered all my questions, and really made me feel comfortable. He’s really helped me with my back pain. I feel like I can go out now and not worry about excruciating lower back pain anymore.
    Verified Patient
  • Dr. Messiha helped my father with his hip and knee arthritis. My dad could barely walk before he went to go see Dr. Messiha due to the pain he was in. Dr. Messiha advised him to get injections. Dr. Messiha gave him the injections and now my dad is able to play with his grandkids and travel the world...
    Sarah R

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